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Active Kids Policies and Procedures

All you need to know

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction

2. Safety and Supervision

3. Registration and Enrollment

4. Payment and Refund Policy

5. Code of Conduct

6. Communication

7. Health and Medical Procedures

8. Equipment and Attire

9. Weather and Cancellation

10. Emergency Procedures

11. Parental Involvement

12. Feedback and Complaints

13. Privacy and Data Security

14. Conclusion


1. Introduction:


Our Kids' Sports Activities Service is committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational environment for children to participate in sports and physical activities. This document outlines our policies and procedures to ensure the well-being of the children in our programs and the satisfaction of their parents or guardians.


2. Safety and Supervision:


- All activities will be conducted by qualified coaches and instructors.

- Proper safety measures will be taken during activities.

- Parents must provide emergency contact information.

- Children will be supervised at all times.


3. Registration and Enrollment:


- Registration is required prior to participation.

- Enrollment fees, schedules, and age requirements will be communicated clearly.


4. Payment and Refund Policy:


- Payment is due before the start of the program.

- We offer a refund policy for cancellations made within a specified timeframe.


5. Code of Conduct:


- Children are expected to show respect to coaches, peers, and equipment.

- No bullying, discrimination, or disruptive behavior will be tolerated.


6. Communication:


- We will communicate program updates and cancellations through email or other specified means.

- Parents should inform us of any changes in contact information.


7. Health and Medical Procedures:


- Parents must inform us of any medical conditions or allergies.

- First aid will be available on-site.

- In case of illness or injury, parents will be contacted immediately.


8. Equipment and Attire:


- Children should wear appropriate sportswear and footwear.

- We may provide equipment as necessary.


9. Weather and Cancellation:


- In case of inclement weather, we may cancel or reschedule sessions.

- Cancellation information will be communicated through email or phone.


10. Emergency Procedures:


- In case of emergencies, parents will be contacted promptly.

- Emergency evacuation procedures are in place.


11. Parental Involvement:


- Parents are encouraged to support their children in their sporting activities.

- Parental involvement in events and volunteer opportunities is welcomed.


12. Feedback and Complaints:


- We welcome feedback and aim to address concerns promptly.

- Complaints should be communicated through the designated channels.


13. Privacy and Data Security:


- We respect your privacy and protect your personal information.

- Data is stored securely, and access is restricted.


14. Conclusion:


Our Kids' Sports Activities Service is dedicated to providing a positive and enriching experience for your child. By adhering to these policies and procedures, we aim to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing us for your child's sports activities.

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