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Stage 4

Swim England Learn to Swim Stage 4 sees swimmers perfect their leg kicks for all four strokes and further develop push and glides, while also being introduced to sculling.

They will develop an understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills and should swim 10 metres. By the end of this stage, swimmers are expected to have a clear ability to perform recognisable leg kicks for all four strokes.

By completing the Learn to Swim Stage 4 Award, swimmers will be able to:

  1. Perform a sequence of changing shapes (minimum of three) whilst floating on the surface and demonstrate an understanding of floating.

  2. Push and glide from the wall towards the pool floor.

  3. Kick 10 metres backstroke (one item of equipment optional).

  4. Kick 10 metres front crawl (one item of equipment optional).

  5. Kick 10 metres butterfly on the front or on the back.

  6. Kick 10 metres breaststroke on the front (one item of equipment optional).

  7. Perform a head first sculling action for 5 metres in a flat position on the back.

  8. Travel on back and log roll in one continuous movement onto front.

  9. Travel on front and log roll in one continuous movement onto back.

  10. Push and glide and swim 10 metres, choice of stroke is optional.

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